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Is there a better feeling than when your starting fantasy receiver catches a 60 yard TD?  Actually, there is.  Starting the QB that threw it to him as well.   Our goal with Pyromaniac.com is to bring that level of exhilaration to our users on a daily basis.
Focusing solely on pro football, using tomorrow’s web technologies, searing visuals, and compelling editorial/analysis, we will set the industry ablaze. Our obsession to entertain both the left and right sides of the brain will leave both the casual and maniacal fantasy enthusiasts on fire.  
Our fantasy football fixation began 21 years ago manually scoring our league from the Chicago Sun-Times. After a decade of inking league results into a Steno-pad, fantasy sports migrated to the web. Unfortunately for the almost 30 million of us who play today, the industry remains largely stagnant; using the same tired search technology, stale graphics, and timid banter. Enter Pyromaniac.com.
Our content will focus on preparing users to succeed in battle on draft day and each week during the season. Player profiles will read like statistical and analytical armories. Information will come from all angles with a visual assault on your senses. We want you to be a part of this community from the beginning; using our resources and staying with us as we grow into a full-service commissioner league by the 2010 season.
At Pyromaniac.com, we are as devoted to our users as they are to football. We are a feedback driven community that will always remain responsive to your suggestions; even when we blow up like the LT’s did in 2006 (31 TD’s) and 1986 (20.5 sacks). Together we will leap into a brave new fantasy world; no longer constrained by yesterday’s technology.  
Our promise to you; fantasy football will never look or feel the same way again.