• 2017 Fantasy Football Draft Kit v1 by Pyromaniac.com (06/14/17)
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2017 Fantasy Football Draft Kit v1 by Pyromaniac.com (06/14/17)



Version 1 of the Pyro 2017 Fantasy Football Draft Kit is now available! Pick up this 2017 Draft Kit and you will take the first step in making your fantasy football dreams a reality this year. This is the final version of the draft kit for 2017, grab yours today and make a laughing stock of the rest of your league. The fantasy goo is off the charts.

Money back guarantee, if you purchase this kit and don't like it, we'll refund your money.

We pride ourselves on having the finest fantasy football draft kit on the planet here at Pyromaniac.com and this season we have released it earlier than ever. Like anything we do, we won't settle for doing it half assed, the 2017 Pyro #FF Draft Kit is no different and ever expanding. This excel workbook is all you need to bring home the best team in your league on draft day – and we promise you this is the only draft kit you will ever own that you will continue to use on weekly basis throughout the season. This document isn’t for pre-season, pre-drafting only - it’s your 2017 fantasy football bible and should not be taken lightly. 
From positional rankings (QB, RB, WR, TE, K, D/ST, PPR, Tiers, and Top 175) to IDP Tiers to Strength of Schedule (for regular season and #FF playoffs) and Pyro Power Rankings the kit is updated on a monthly basis and you receive every version of the kit after your purchase, emailed to you and no extra work to be done. If you breathe, eat, and sleep fantasy football this is the Draft Kit for you. Pyro brings our original content to your fingertips and allows you to craft your strategy for 2017 drafts. If you are ready to win your league and stop being a money donor, this is the best investment you can make. Of course you can buy that print magazine in July, but the information is old the day after it is printed and bound. You willing to bet your league fee on that... jump on board with us and you don't have to. 

Much love from the Fantasy Football Goo Slingers,

Stagg Party, d-Rx®, Houdini, Hartbeat, The Archer, PK Ripper and Waz


This v1 Draft Kit includes:

Tab 01 - Introduction

Tab 02 - Bye Weeks

Tab 03 - 2017 NFL Schedule Matrix 

Tab 04 - Depth Charts

Tab 05 - Strength of Schedule ("Worth $20 alone" -Jim Ross) 

Tab 06 - Player Rankings All Positions

Tab 07 - Tiers (Pyro consensus & individual tiers)

Tab 08 - IDP Tiers by The Archer

Tab 09 - Top-200 Overall Rankings (Auction values included)

Tab 10 - QB Rankings (w/ Pros & Cons and statistics included)

Tab 11 - RB Rankings (w/ Pros & Cons and statistics included)

Tab 12 - WR Rankings (w/ Pros & Cons and statistics included)

Tab 13 - TE Rankings (w/ Pros & Cons and statistics included)

Tab 14 - Kickers & Defenses

Tab 15 - PPR Rankings

Tab 16 - Sleepers

Tab 17 - Busts  

Tab 18 - Rookies

Tab 19 - 2016 End of Season Pyro® Power Rankings

Tab 20 - 2015 FF Points vs. ADP Value (ROI from 2015)

Tab 21 - Touchdown Dependency Charts

Tab 22 - Snap Counts from 2016 (broken down by QB, RB, WR & TE)

Tab 22 - Team Tendencies

Tab 23 - Formation Usage

Tab 24 - 12-Team Mock Draft (Pre-NFL Draft 2017)

Tab 25 - 2017 Pyro Projections by Stagg Party



Glimpse of the full STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE tab:


Glimpse of the collective QBs on the TIERS tab:



Glimpse of the TD DEPENDENCY tab:


Glimpse of the RB RANKINGS tab:


A glimpse of the SLEEPERS tab (a few QBs shown): 



A glimpse of the Player Rankings All Positions (TE shown) tab:

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